Welcome to the Last Hope.  

Your entire lives, have been lived in relative peace and tranquility, where the largest crimes are petty thievery and the only monsters are the ones that we become.  Atlantis, is a tropical paradise that is approximately two hundred and fifty miles in diameter and roughly circular in shape.  There are two settlements on Atlantis, the capital city of Atlantia on the southern side of the island and the village of Hope which lies to the north-east.

No one has ever left the island and no one has ever come to the island from outside.  The primary reason for this is the ring of Impassable cliff like mountains that circle the entirety of the island.  Reefs in the water closer to the mountains also prevent boats from easily reaching the base of the cliffs.  There is always the rare few people who complain that the island is an inescapable prison, but then again, if it is a prison, paradise makes for a nice prison.

This campaign is currently being run physically in Diamond Springs, California on the last Saturday of each month (baring unforeseen circumstances that require the day to be moved)